Stumbleupon_ebayAccording to TechCrunch, eBay is all set to acquire StumbleUpon, a popular web discovery site which helps users find new sites, and more recently videos. It’s often described as “channel surfing” on the web.Rumor has it that the price is anywhere from $40–45 million or higher, and Google and AOL were also said to be in on the talks.

The same thoughts are going through my head right now with this deal as when eBay acquired Skype– they don’t exactly seem like the perfect match. It will definitely be interesting to see what eBay has in-store for StumbleUpon and how this will benefit them. While none of this has been confirmed, TechCruch says that people close do the deal are talking, and it’s imminent.

Also interesting is that Google just announced their queryless search. Yes, that’s right, it sounds like they’re taking on StumbleUpon. Convenient timing, isn’t it? It’s integrated into the Google Toolbar and it will appear as a pair of dice.  When you click on the logo, you will get a site recommendation based upon your Google Search History.Google will give you up to 50 recommendations per day.


Another queryless search option they’re giving you is to get recommendations right from your Google Personalized Homepage.  You can “Add a Tab,” then type “recommendations” as the tab name, and then you’ll get a page of recommendations that are updated everyday. If you don’t have Search History enabled, neither of these services will work for you.

Source:Google Blogoscoped