eBay Turbo Lister 2 Early Edition Released To The Public

My wife and I work for a company who strictly sells only on eBay. This means that we have many tools available to us and we have tried most of them. Turbo Lister is the one that seems to be the most successful by managing our listings and time in an efficient matter. There were some quirks that we didn’t like very much in Turbo Lister 1 but with the recent release of Turbo Lister 2 they seem to have fixed many of the issues. Not only did they fix issues, but they redesigned the interface to make it more intuitive (finally!).

One of the features that they added was inline editing of columns when you are viewing the grid (the page that shows all of your listings). This is nice because you do not have to open the edit screen in order to change something small, like the title or price of a listing.

As pictured above, they also changed the way the edit screen displays information about the listing. This page is the most important page that they changed because it is the screen that has the ability to minimize the amount of time it takes to create a listing. On this page they added many new features, like the ability to change your pictures without having to open another windows (and boy is that nice!). To help minimize the clutter in this window they have given you the power to choose which items should be displayed on the page.

If you are a subscriber to either Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro then you can also do your relisting with Turbo Lister 2! The software will download the listings that have not been relisted and then it will put those listings in your upload folder. You can then go through and change details of the listings if you would like (remember, there is inline editing so changing the prices on the items you are going to relist is a piece of cake because you can change them right from the grid view!). This is very beneficial to us because we are constantly changing prices or small details on items and it takes forever to do this when you have 200 items to relist.

The one feature that I would have liked to see eBay implement into this release of Turbo Lister was the ability to have the software take fields that you fill in on the edit-a-listing screen, for example the shipping cost, and be able to automatically insert it into a listing at a given spot. This would especially be useful for those people that create templates because you would be able to have Turbo Lister grab details that you have already entered and put it into your listing. I guess beggars can’t be choosers.

Overall, I am very pleased with the software that they have provided us. Doing listings strictly online would get very frustrating and with the way Turbo Lister 2 handles, I give it my seal of approval!

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