Meg Whitman eBay eBay’s CEO, Meg Whitman said shortly after she came onboard at eBay that “no CEO should stay more than a decade in the same job because people need new challenges and organizations need fresh perspectives.” She joined the company in March of 1998 when there were only 29 employees employed over at eBay. It’s been about 10 years since her first day on the job and now the Wall Street Journal says Whitman has plans to retire. Apparently she’s sticking to her original belief that 10 years is enough time for one person to lead a company.

Remember those original 29 employees we mentioned that were there when she started? Now that number has grown to over 15,000! Her net worth has also increased substantially while at eBay to over $1.4 billion. During her time at the popular online auction site, the company has experienced both major ups and downs as any company experiences over a period of time. Some more recent examples of the ups and downs include a 3% decrease in auction listing during their third quarter. While that may not have been good, last year their income rose 4% to $1.13 billion which is certainly a positive thing. Although, lets not forget the big loss eBay took last year after they realized Skype wasn’t such a great buy after all.

Whitman hasn’t confirmed that she is leaving, however, sources say that she has been slowly delegating her responsibilities out to other people including John Donahoe, the current president of eBay’s auction business unit. He’s the one that’s expected to take her place once she say’s “See ya!” once and for all to eBay.