I haven’t joined the eBook revolution yet, but I know a lot of people who have. Are you one of those people that carry around a Kindle, Sony Reader, or even an iPhone for that purpose? A lot of people just like reading when they’re on the go without having to lug around a big book.

Calibre is a pretty sweet app if you’re into this kind of stuff, or so I’ve been told. This cross-platform (and open source) program is capable of managing your eBook library, can convert news feeds to an eBook format, and it even syncs with popular devices (Kindle, iPhone, Sony Reader, etc…). On top of all that you can obviously use it to read the eBooks if you really want to.

In just a few clicks you can also make Calibre go out and fetch images for each of the book covers, which are then displayed in a cover flow-like fashion. If you’ve got a lot of books you’re managing this is very helpful.

Let us know how good the software is if you’re into reading eBooks!

Get Calibre for Windows, Mac, or Linux [via gHacks]