ecrater There have been several changes at eBay over the last week that haven’t made their users happy. First there was the announcement that they were lowing their listing fees but raising the final value fee, and then there was the announcement that sellers will no longer be able to leave negative feedback. As a result, there’s a group of people who are working on organizing a boycott of eBay for the week of February 18th through the 25th. They say that it means absolutely no buying, selling, or searching. With this boycott and the simple fact that people are upset over the changes, users are looking for eBay alternatives. A few days ago, CyberNet Reader Michael Dobrofsky asked about alternatives and we mentioned eCRATER. It’s one alternative worth taking a look at, and today we’ll be briefly explaining what they’re all about.

So what is eCRATER? Well, they describe themselves as a free web store builder and a free online marketplace. They say that sellers can create their own online store in a short time for free while buyers can shop for all kinds of products. Additionally, they’ve teamed with Google as an eCommerce partner to allow buyers and sellers to use Google Checkout for payments. They’ve been around since late 2004 and have been growing since then. Certainly they’re not as big as eBay, but that’s to their advantage. They’re definitely one of the places buyers and sellers turn to when they eventually determine they’ve had enough with eBay and their constant rising fees.

I haven’t used the site yet, but I just did several searches for different products and their selection seems to be good. The overall main theme I noticed on the site is simplicity. Everything is simple from setting up a store to a listing.  Searching for “Apple iPhone” yielded 202 different results which isn’t bad at all.  Of course I did come across a few fraudulent appearing listings (one said they only took Money Gram as a form of payment, big red flag there!), but I don’t think you’ll be able to stay away from fraud no matter where you go.

If you’re a seller on eBay and you’ve just about had enough, why don’t you checkout eCRATER and other sites like it? And for buyers, the next time you need something, instead of going to eBay right away, why don’t you checkout alternatives like eCRATER. There are options out there, it’s just a matter of finding and using them. Like I said, I haven’t used the site yet to vouch for it, but it is definitely a site I will be checking in the future when I need something. If you’ve used them, be sure to let us know how your experience was.