Edit chrome cookies

Most browsers will let you view the cookies stored for all the sites you visit, and Google Chrome isn’t any different in that regard. This Google help article outlines how you can delete, block, allow, and make exceptions for cookies for any or all sites you visit. Why stop there though? You can take this a step further with the help of an extension.

Edit This Cookie is a pretty awesome add-on that I went searching for the other day because I wanted to modify the value of a cookie that a website had created. I was pleasantly surprised that with this extension I could not only edit the cookie but also do things like mark it as read-only so that a site can’t go and change it later on.

Here are the things you can accomplish with the extension:

  • Delete all cookies in a page
  • Delete only the chosen cookie on a page
  • Edit any cookie (expiration date, value, etc…)
  • Add a new cookie
  • Search a cookie
  • Protect a cookie (read-only)
  • Block cookies (cookie filter)

I suspect that one of the biggest reasons for an extension like this is to make changes to the expiration date. Maybe there is a site you frequently have to login to since the cookie either expires when you close your browser or a few days down the road. In most cases Edit This Cookie will be exactly what you need.

Tip: If a cookie is set to expire when you close your browser the “session” box will be checked. Simply uncheck it if you want the cookie to stick around until the specified expiration date is met.

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