Chrome live webpage editing

There are times where you might want to change content on a site, but doing so with Chrome’s built-in web developer tools can sometimes be a pain. With the Live Page Editor Chrome extension, however, all that changes because you can directly edit content on a site without having to dig through the source code of a page. All you have to do is click the Live Page Editor icon in the Chrome toolbar, and then click anywhere on the page to start typing. You can even remove text that you don’t want there anymore.

Keep in mind that the changes you make on any site will not be persistent, which means as soon as  you refresh the page they will be gone. So why is this useful then? Well, if you ever take screenshots of a website that has personal information on it then you’ll find an extension such as this one to be very useful. Instead of blurring or blacking out your personal information you can instead change it to something more generic so that your screenshots look a little cleaner.

Live Page Editor Extension for Chrome