Last week we wrote about several functions in Google Spreadsheets that you wouldn’t find in Microsoft Office. Continuing along those same lines, today online spreadsheet service EditGrid introduced what they’re calling “Data on Demand.”

EditGrid posted their latest Newsletter which explains what Data on Demand is all about. They say:

With the trend of more and more data being made available online and through web services we see data on demand as a great way to enhance our online spreadsheet product. At EditGrid we’re committed to aggregating the most popular data for you in easy to use spreadsheet functions and delivering it alongside of the best online spreadsheet platform – all on demand.

Here are a few examples of functions that they have available:

  • Alexa – this function retrieves web analytics data like pageview, ranking, and more from
  • Compete – this function retrieves web analytics like rank and visitor count from
  • YCurrency – this function retrieves currency exchange rates and previous metal prices- it’s a mashup of Yahoo! Finance
  • YStockNews – this function will retrieve financial news from Yahoo Financial

What they’ve done is really nice and they offer more of these “Data on Demand” functions that even Google offers, yet not many people even consider using EditGrid for their spreadsheet needs.

editgrid functions.png

If you go to EditGrid and decide you want to use some of these functions, just look for the “Remote Data” button on the top toolbar. It’s in between the “Sort” and “Insert Chart” buttons. Once you click on it, a whole list of the functions they have available will appear, and you’ll just want to be sure you’re under the “Data” section.

Source: Webware