Whenever I do programming I tend to use some form of text editor, and so far my favorite app for that is Notepad++. Ever since they added in the code auto-completion it has been a great tool for the projects that I’ve worked on. The only downside is that it won’t exactly work if you’re looking for a free cross-platform solution.

That’s where Editra comes in. It’s a Python-based program that has many of the features that are nice to have when programming like syntax highlighting and code folding, and as an added bonus it’s also cross-platform. Don’t worry, just because it’s Python-based doesn’t mean it’s a pain to install… it all comes bundles in a single download just like a typical app would.

The only thing I wish it was capable of is auto-completion of code for languages besides Python. That’s the biggest downside that I’ve found, but other than that it does everything I’d expect it to:

  • Auto-Completion/Calltips (for Python only)
  • Bidirectional Find/Replace w\Regular Expression Support
  • Bracket Highlighting
  • Built-in Plugin Downloader/Installer
  • Code Folding
  • Drag and Drop (tabs/file opening/text)
  • Editable User Profiles
  • Highlight Style Editor
  • Line Bookmarking
  • Session Saving
  • Syntax Highlighting (60+ Languages)
  • Tabbed Windows

This app is pretty tough to beat when it comes to cross-platform code editors. It’s updated every month or two, and so I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that a future version will support code auto-completion for more languages.

Get Editra for Windows, Mac, or Linux