Eggdisk File Sharing

Eggdisk may not be a service that you have heard about before but they are offering quite an amazing deal. If you sign-up for a free account before September 1st you will receive 4GB of storage and a 150MB filesize limit instead of the normal 2GB of storage and 100MB filesize limit.

It is obvious from the site that their goal is to make money off of Adsense but you can’t really complain when you don’t have to pay for anything. You’ll also receive 30GB of bandwidth to transfer your files.

You can upload images without even creating an account but once you register you’ll also be able to upload files with the following extensions:

jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, txt, mp3, wav, mov, wma, wmv, rar, zip, tar.gz, swf, xml, xspf, flv, m3u, asf, 7z, rm, esp, avim, flac, ogg, bsp, res, mdl, spr, wad, tga, doc, ppt, wrl, mp4, aac

Unfortunately there is no EXE or PDF support which would probably be some common files that people would upload. Still pretty great even though I couldn’t find any kind of privacy statement…so you might want to be selective at what you upload.