Recently, a new content sharing service called Egnyte launched their public beta, and their file management system is great for personal or business use.

To use Egnyte, you’ll have to install an uploader first.  What’s nice about this is that it supports both Windows and Macs.  From there, you can select the folders (activate) on your computer that you will want to upload to your Egnyte workspace.

Anything that you upload is tagged so that it makes for easy searching later on.  The uploader works with Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail and POP enabled email accounts if you want to back them up.

Egnyte allows you to designate the files, folders, or emails you want others to see. You designate these files by placing them into a “view” and then people can be invited in to see the view.


Another nice feature is the continuous synchronization which automatically synchronizes the files that you have selected. Any time you make a change to an activated file, it will get updated on your workspace This means it’s one less thing for you to worry about, and your important information is always being backed-up. At any point, you can export the data that you’ve got stored to any computer.

The free version available to everybody allows 1GB of storage.  They also have plans available for corporate work space, however it seems highly over-priced. For example, a corporate account is $30 per month but the user is capped at 30 GB of storage. I wouldn’t say that a corporate account is worth it,  but a free account is definitely worth a try, especially if you’re working on a group project that frequently gets modified. It’s also a great solution for backing up your email.

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Thanks for the tip Chris!