Elevator music progress bar

If you are looking for a way to spice up your day a little bit maybe what you need is something that will play elevator music while programs are opening, files are copying, and your downloads are downloading. Instant Elevator Music is an app that will play, well, elevator music when those kinds of operations are taking place.

When does the elevator music kick in? When anything starts using the standard Windows progress bar, during Firefox downloads, and even for TeraCopy file operations. Plus it also works on splash screens for Microsoft Office, Visual Studio, Eclipse, and Photoshop CS5. Neat, huh?

There are also some settings in Instant Elevator Music that are pretty thoughtful. One of those features is the ability to disable music playback if you’re already listening to some tunes. Plus you can even have it play your own music, which is perfect for getting a little heavy metal listening in during file transfers.

Instant Elevator Music (Windows only; Freeware)