Yahoo recently announced their “to infinity and beyond” unlimited email storage, and from that has come several things to think about. First, can any service truly offer “unlimited” storage to everybody? There has to be some cut off point, doesn’t there? Secondly, how much is too much? Do users really need that much storage?

Even extreme power email users probably don’t need that much storage. Especially when most people have at least two accounts – one for work, one for home, one for school, family, etc. With multiple accounts, you’re sure to have plenty of room.

To wrap up this topic, here are the results of our last poll where we asked , “You’ve got lots of email storage, but how much do you actually use?”

— Poll Results—

There were 343 votes total, and out of those, 42% of voters said they used between 51 and 500 MB of their storage space. Next was 0–10 MB with 19% of the votes. Very few people used anything more than 500 MB of storage.

Certainly, a lot of people are happy that Yahoo has made the move to “unlimited” storage and because of that, other services will probably follow. Regardless of how much storage space everyone uses, not one person can complain about the price for email storage these days. It’s free!