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WolframAlpha is a site that I absolutely love despite not using it nearly enough. When I do use it, however, the information and details it provides are incredible. Using their widget builder you can actually bring the power of WolframAlpha to your own site using widgets that have already been made or you can build your own.

This service launched a few months ago, and I was curious whether or not it would take off. The widgets solve one of the big problems WolframAlpha has been faced with… the insane amounts of data and so many calculations that can otherwise be overwhelming. With these widgets you don’t have to think about crafting a search query, and instead just have to focus on filling in the necessary fields. Here are some examples of widgets showcasing some functionality you may not have been aware that WolframAlpha was capable of:

All of these are excellent examples of what makes these widgets so great. These serve as an easy way to tap into the valuable information that WolframAlpha can serve up. With that being said go ahead and peruse their widget gallery, or you can easily build your own. Once you’re done you can embed it on your own site.