Encrypt synced data chrome

One of the capabilities I love in Google Chrome is that it can sync most of my data across all of my browsers. It does a really good job of making sure my extensions, preferences, themes, bookmarks, passwords, and more are always available to me no matter which computer I’m on. The concern you might obviously have with doing something like that is how secure is your information?

By default Google will encrypt the passwords it syncs, but that’s all they will encrypt. Things like your history, bookmarks, and everything else is all stored on their servers without being encrypted first. That’s easy to fix though! If you take a look at your sync settings in Chrome there is an option to Encrypt all synced data instead of just encrypting your passwords. There is really no reason for you to not turn it on, because the data being synced is so small in size that any kind of performance hit from doing this would be negligible.

While in the settings you can also choose to set the encryption password to be something other than the password to your Google Account. If you really want to sync your data but want the most security possible these two settings are probably things you want to change.