Firefox 1.5As hard as it may seem, Firefox 2 has now been out for 6 months! Most Firefox users were pretty anxious to get the new upgrade so that they could experience enhancements like the in-line spell check and session restore, while others were more than content with their current version of Firefox.

It is the end of the road for Firefox 1.5, and on each new security release of version 1.5 Mozilla has made sure to keep users aware of this:

Firefox 1.5.0.x will be maintained with security and stability updates until April 24, 2007. All users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to Firefox 2.

Chris over at Spread Firefox had this to say about the event:

There are some plans to get a press release out within the next couple of weeks to raise the visibility of this policy. We did this last year as well around 1.0.x.  We’ve also been advertising this in the release notes for each dot release and within the Start Page snippets.

A major upgrade offer will be made through the Automated Update System (AUS) shortly as well.

Presently about 40% of Firefox users are on 1.5.0.x

That made me want to check on what version of Firefox our visitors are using. Below you’ll notice that Firefox 2 makes up a large portion of our Firefox visitors while only about 10% are using Firefox 1.5:

Firefox Users

Seeing that our visitors love to keep up-to-date with Firefox it is no surprise that about 40% of all Firefox users still have version 1.5, while in the last month only 10% of our visitors are using the more out-of-date Firefox.

This percentage should dramatically increase once Mozilla enables the Automatic Update System upgrade which, as quoted above, should be soon. That means current Firefox 1.5 users will finally be prompted to upgrade to the newer Firefox 2 browser to ensure that they get all of the security and stability updates that are released.

So if you know of anyone who is still using Firefox 1.5 you should encourage them to upgrade their browser. After all, many people want to use Firefox because of the extra security, and if they are using an out-of-date version that could be compromised.

Source: Spread Firefox