NOD32 2.7 Beta

In a press release on Tuesday Eset announced that they will be releasing the Vista-compatible NOD32 antivirus later on today. It will be version 2.7 and will be “one of the few malware solutions on the market today that is fully compatible with x64 versions of Vista, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.”

The press release also talks about a better anti-stealth monitor that will be included in this release:

The upgrade to ESET NOD32 also features enhanced anti-stealth technology that offers more comprehensive protection against rootkits through its ability to see the true state of running processes and the file system. Rootkits enable hackers to maintain control of a compromised system by hiding their presence.

Previously there was a Beta version of NOD32 2.7 posted for users to try out and hunt down bugs. The new version is only an intermittent release because the Eset Security Suite is expected to be out early next year. That suite will not only offer protection from trojans and malware but it also includes a spyware and firewall monitor for even more added security.

I used to have NOD32 as my antivirus scanner because it offers amazing protection and has virtually no footprint on your system. When I came across Avast!, however, I couldn’t help but switch because it was a no-cost solution that also offered great protection. The other great thing about Avast! is that you can run it on your system and completely forget about it: you’ll hardly be able to know that it is running and best of all you’ll never have to worry about your subscription expiring.