Eudora is making its way over to the open source world because Qualcomm decided to start basing the Eudora Mail application off of Mozilla Thunderbird. I know a few people that use Eudora as their primary mail application and when I informed them of the this information their initial response was “Eudora is already free.” I then realized that they were using the Light version which has no ads but fewer features than the Sponsored version. There is also a Paid version available for $19.95 which has no advertisements and all of the features.

There are a lot of nice features that I hope get migrated over from the existing version of Eudora to the Mozilla-based version which is expected to be released in the first half of 2007. The announcement of the partnership came after Eudora 7.1 was released today and labeled as the final commercial release. Surprisingly the update fixed and introduced a lot of new things for being the last release.

It seems like everyone is partnering off or purchasing other companies in hopes of beating out the competitors. Right now the big news is on Google and their acquisitions/products that don’t seem to be stopping. Before we know it Yahoo! and Microsoft will be teaming up against Google,  but by that time Google will already own most of the Internet. :)

News Source: Qualcomm Press Release [via Burnt Electrons]
Thanks to “Jack of all Trades” for the tip!