Europe Starts Pre-Ordering Playstation 3

It looks like Europeans are getting some good news because started accepting pre-orders for the Playstation 3. The system is expected to be available in the UK around November 17, 2006 but this is just an estimated date. Since there will be overwhelming demand for the Playstation 3 they do not guarantee that you will receive it by Christmas.

So how much do you have to fork out for this pre-order? It will cost you £550 which doesn’t sound bad…until you translate it into U.S. currency: $1,020! Even though though this pre-order is for the best system Sony said earlier that it would sell for about £425 ($785) in the UK. Of course we all know how pre-orders go on new video game systems…you have to live at the blood bank for a year in order to pay for the markup.

People who stood in line to get the Xbox 360 when it was released for $400 were getting about $2000 if they sold it on eBay the next day. So would that mean that people would pay 5x the price of the PS3? There are plenty of people out there that will do anything to get their hands on these systems the day after it is released. Oh boy, I think I hear the sound of chaos already!

Pre-Order Your Playstation 3
News Source: BBC News