Everybody PanicI thought a good way to wind down the day (filled with iPhone madness) would be with a fun, yet challenging game. A game called Everybody Panic is sure to frustrate you as you race against the clock to complete this maze-like game.

There are several different levels in Everybody Panic, and I have a feeling that the throbbing red dots found throughout the course will spark some anger in you. After you feel like you have experienced it all jump to the last level where you are sure to throw a couple cuss words at your monitor, but don’t blame your mouse or keyboard for screwing up because you’re the one who is responsible. :)

The good thing is that you can go as slow or as fast as you would like, but sometimes that just doesn’t help. While you can control it with the keyboard I don’t recommend it. I’ve found the mouse to be the best way to get around those throbbing and quickly rotating obstacles.

Let us know how you do…just make sure you don’t panic!

Play Everybody Panic!