What would you call a PC with a mac-like dock across the bottom of the desktop with icons to Web 2.0 services like Google Docs, Google Maps, Gmail, and YouTube? The Google Computer – the one that was rumored to launch back in 2006? Nope, it’s the Everex Green gPC TC2502, a low powered Linux based computer designed for running Web 2.0 applications which will be priced at $198. Where can you get it? Wal-Mart – starting today.


While it seems to be all about Google, it turns out that Google hasn’t even been directly involved with this project. I’m sure you’re asking then, well what does the “g” stand for in the name? My first thought was obviously Google, but it’s not, it supposedly stands for green.There certainly is a lot of Google in this computer, but there are a few non-Google icons on the desktop as well for services like Meebo, Facebook, and Wikipedia. Skype and Gimp are also in the mix.

gpc As mentioned, it starts selling today at Wal-Mart for $198 which is quite the bargain, considering that the One Laptop Per Child computer will cost $400 for a consumer because of the Give 1 Get 1 program. This computer ships with 512 MB of RAM and an 80 GB hard drive. News.com says that the PC in general is a great product with the only criticisms being for the Web apps themselves. They also mentioned that while it’s quite a bit cheaper than many computers, it’s an “almost-as-capable alternative to a regular PC or Mac.”

From the sounds of it, the gPC was designed with lower-income households in mind. While this is great, to make the most out of it, they’ll need to pay for high-speed Internet which could get costly. Regardless, this is a PC that could work great for just about any average user who currently spends the majority of their time on the Internet using Web 2.0 apps.

Look for it in select Wal-Mart locations starting Monday, or go to Wal-Mart.com where they are currently selling them. Also, checkout the gOS website for the company who created the operating system. They haven’t launched the site as of when I’m writing this, but it will be up shortly.