I know that many of you are already EverNote users, and the latest release added some great new features. This note taking application is handy for jotting down grocery lists, clipping information from websites, or managing expenses.

Giveaway of the Day has the full EverNote program available for free today only. The advanced version of EverNote ($49.95) includes searching within images, handwriting recognition, shape correction, and digital ink support. If you’re not a Table PC user it’s probably not that valuable to you, but it’s still free.

The only catch with all “Giveaway of the Day” offerings is that they can only be installed today. It will not let you run the installer after today, which means you’ll have to fork out the money for the advanced version should you ever format your computer. I guess you could always monitor the installation process, and then backup any registry and/or file changes that take place. ;) That might be more work than it’s worth though.

Download EverNote for Free [via jkOnTheRun]
Hat tip to “S”!