evernote.jpgBack in February we took a look at the Evernote Beta that introduces an online synchronization aspect that plays nicely with their desktop offerings. After just two months of the Beta they have hit a huge milestone: 1 million notes have been posted! They’ve decided that a good way to celebrate the milestone would be to let anyone and everyone register for the Beta by visiting this “secret” site.

That’s right, you have until 9:00PM PST to hit up that URL so that you can instantly become part of the Evernote Beta. After you get your account setup you’ll want to head on over and download the software for either Mac, XP/Vista, or Windows Mobile. All of your notes will then sync with the online service, and it will keep all of your computers in sync with each other. Not to mention that any text in your photos will be recognized and indexed so that they too can be searched. Now that is cool, but I have heard mixed reviews of how well it actually works.

Instant Evernote Beta Access (expires April 24th @ 9:00PM PST)
[via jkOnTheRun]