Here at CyberNet we’re huge fans of the Evernote software (review), which comes in both free and paid versions. They are going one step further by offering an online note-taking service (currently in private Beta) that will inevitably sync with their desktop clients. There is also a Web Clipper available for integration into Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari, and then on the mobile front there will be a Windows Mobile, Java-based, and iPhone clippers available. It’s safe to assume that Evernote will be everywhere that you are.

The most powerful feature in Evernote has got to be the incredible text recognition capabilities. Evernote is able to look for text in your images, and then make it searchable within their application… and the website will be no different! Any photos hosted on your Evernote account will be analyzed for both handwritten and typed text, and it will be completely searchable!

Sound too good to be true? Not at all. You can signup to be put on a waiting list for their Beta program, but they’ve also setup a publicly available note site that demonstrates the powerful text search feature. Look through the images they have in the sidebar, and then choose some text to search for. If you’re anything like me you’ll be surprised at how much it is actually capable of recognizing.

Here’s a video of how it all works:

I have to admit that this could bring a new age to note taking. With the mobile applications available people can snap photos with their cellphone as a way to index business cards, receipts, and much more. Then almost as fast as you can snap the photo you can search for the text contained within it. Pretty cool, huh?

[via TechCrunch]