eVoice Delivers Voicemail To Your Email Inbox
It looks like there is now another company that is fighting to deliver your voicemail messages to your email’s Inbox. Much like the GotVoice company eVoice was created to let people receive their voicemail messages in a place they frequently access: their email!

Using the free service you can get a private number and have those messages delivered to your Inbox. The downside to the free service is that you have to use the eVoice media player in order to listen to the messages because the file they send you is a .EVC file type. If you pay for their Plus service then you will receive your messages in .WAV file type which most audio players can handle. Plus members also get a local telephone number, access to your messages from a telephone, store messages up to 14 days, and receive text message notifications when a new voicemail arrives.

While the service does sound convenient I currently only have a cellphone which means I always have access to my voicemail since I always have my phone with me. Having the messages delivered to my email would be cool at first but I am sure it would start to get annoying after awhile when I can just pickup my phone to listen to them.