extend firefox.jpgMozilla has announced the winners of the Extend Firefox 3 add-on contest. This is where extension developers submitted their add-ons to try and win prizes like a MacBook Air, and the winners definitely deserved it. I did submit our CyberSearch extension to see if it’d win, but it looks like it didn’t make the cut. :(

What extensions did scoop up the win? Here they are sorted by category:

Best New Add-ons

Best New Add-ons Runners Up

  • Webchunks – Firefox implementation of the Internet Explorer Webslices feature, plus more!
  • Badges on Favicons – Add informational badges to the tab favicons.
  • Devo – A command launcher for Firefox.
  • Close ‘N Forget – Close the current tab and forget about the visit.
  • Callout – Makes the notification services of the Operating System available for web pages and Greasemonkey scripts.
  • Reasy – An RSVP reader.

Best Updated Add-ons

Best Music Add-on

  • Fire.fm – Direct access to the Last.fm music library.

Congrats to all of the winners! There are some other extensions I believe deserved to win, such as Foxmarks in the “best updated” category, but there’s not much any of us could have done since a panel of judges was designated to make the decision.

If you’ve tried out any of the extensions mentioned above let us know which ones you think deserved the win, and which of your favorites should have taken home the crown.

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  1. I guess it is obvious that in any contest there will inevitably be those that think the judgment is far from perfect – no matter if it is a decision of a panel of judges or if the decision is crowdsources to general voters. This is why I guess in many comments about the announcement we already see tons of people complaining that either their own add-ons did not make it to the list or fans of some add-ons doing the same.

  2. Thanks for the post Ryan! We really appreciate it.

    The panel of judges was really well-rounded and extremely qualified. They reviewed a large number of add-ons and felt these were the top choices in their respective categories. Judging such a large number of awesome submissions isn’t an easy or enviable task and I think the judges did a fantastic job.

    We want to thank everyone that submitted an entry for their hard work and support of the Mozilla community.

    Rey Bango
    AMO Community Mobilizer
    Mozilla Corporation

  3. I’m sure it was tough for the judges to wade through all of the entries, but I think there should have been some community involvement *somewhere* in the voting process. Maybe have the judges pick their top 20 choices, and then have the community vote on which ones they think should win. Mozilla is all about community: extension development is done by the community, the community helps build and test the browser, and the community spreads the word. It’s just my opinion, but I think community involvement in voting process would have gotten a lot more people interested in it.

  4. Great suggestion Ryan. I’ll be coordinating the next contest and will definitely consider how to best involve the community in the judging process.

    Also, feel free to contact me directly with any other suggestions (rey at mozilla dot com). As the new AMO Community Mobilizer, I’ll be working on many initiatives to help improve the user experience for add-on users and developers and I’m open to suggestions/advice.


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