It appears that the latest social network trend is classifieds as both Friendster and Facebook are taking this route. Facebook teamed up with Oodle, while Friendster teamed up with OLX. Neither of the services are extremely impressive because in both situations, Oodle and OLX are just gaining access to the massive amounts of people that Facebook and Friendster have in their communities.

Facebook Classifieds Details

Despite what I originally thought, Facebook isn’t doing this on their own.  I would have thought it would be beneficial for Facebook to set up their own system where people could buy from others in their own networks. Instead, they’ve teamed up with Oodle Classifieds which means that you won’t exactly be buying from other Facebook users.

Facebook has implemented this feature in the form of a Facebook Group which you can find here. Students make up a good portion of Facebook, and the classifieds will help students get rid of books, furniture, and other items because there’s no charge to list them.


Probably the best feature that’s come out of the entire service is that Facebook users are able to specify if they want their classified listings to be available only to their friends and other Facebook users, or if they want it available to the entire Oodle community.

Keep in mind, anything you want to do whether it’s search, buy, or sell, you’ll be taken away from the Facebook site and re-directed to the Oodle site.

Friendster Classifieds Details

Friendster’s classified service launched today, but it’s really nothing more than a classifieds tab at the top and a link back to OLX. The benefit for OLX obviously is the number of people who the classifieds will now be exposed to, and the benefit for Friendster is that they will get half of the revenue generated from the deal.


Unlike Facebook, users don’t have any control over who the listings are available to. You can’t specify that you want your listings available only to your friends – they’re automatically available to the entire OLX community.

Source: Mashable

Wrapping it up

If I had to choose to use one service over the other, I’d definitely choose Facebook’s Classifieds.  In general, I like Oodle’s user interface, and the fact that I can select my listings to be available only to my friends or those in my network is appealing.

Either way, neither of the two services blew me away. Any guesses on which classifieds service MySpace will team up with? Or will they just come up with their own system? I’d say they’ll go for the latter. They like being independent.

Update: As it turns out, Facebook really is introducing their own classifieds service called Facebook Marketplace that has no affiliation with Oodle. As Patrick points out in the comments, “Odle made the unfortunate decision to purchase a Facebook group for integrating classifieds at just about the same time Facebook was planning to roll out their own.”