“The Future of TV is not on TV. It’s the Internet.” You’ve heard that a few times recently, haven’t you? That’s what movie-maker/ producer R.J. Cutler has to say about his reasoning for producing “Facebook Diaries,” an online movie which will be composed of “compelling and engaging and dramatic, and powerful and worth of telling” stories of 18-24 year olds on Facebook.

Facebook Diaries will be composed of 10 half-hour episodes which will air later in the year.  Each episode will include video clips that have been uploaded by Facebook users on topics like “who am I?” “heartbreak,” and life during wartime.”

This is the first time that Facebook has even step foot into video uploads, and still, they’re doing it in their own style. They’ve partnered up with Comcast for this venture with their Ziddio video upload site. Users will be able to upload their video’s for this contest on Ziddio. Part of the deal includes sponsorship and advertising.

With 16 million users and a demographic of 18-24 year olds, Comcast is pretty happy to get in on this deal. Elizabeth Schimel who is the senior vice president of entertainment for Comcast Interactive Media says,”We’re tapping into Facebook’s very large and very young demographic.”


Business Week

–Other Facebook Stuff–

Facebook has just added a new feature which will raise money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer research charity.  Users will be able to give eachother “gifts” or tiny tokens of appreciation.  Each token (they’re all pictured above) will cost $1.00 and they can be given to your friends privately or publicly.  Each user will have a “Gift Box” on their profile where the gifts will be displayed.

The net proceeds for the month of February will go to the Komen for the Cure.