Facebook users are once again showing that they aren’t too big on change. With Facebook getting ready to “force” all users to use the new design, there’s been some people speaking-up about their dislike for the new design. Many have opted-in to this new design over the last several weeks by choice (and you could go back to the old if you didn’t like it), but now within the next several days, everybody will be required to use it.

One way people are speaking-out about this is via a Facebook Group titled “1,000,000 against the new Facebook layout.” As of writing this, they have over 1.1 million people who became a member, and that number is likely to increase over the next several days when people will have no choice but to use the new design.

new facebook petition.png

As a side note, whoever created the group must not be THAT devoted to the social network because they would have known that it was “Facebook” and not “Face Book” as they wrote two separate times in the group’s description.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg knows that people will have a rough time with the change. He was quoted in an Associated Press article sayingAny change can be a big deal to our users because this is how they connect with their family and friends. So when you move things around, it can be perceived as being not a positive thing even when it’s a positive change.”

I’ve been using the new design for several weeks and initially, it was confusing to use because it was different, but it only took a few days to get used to it and now I prefer the “new” over the “old.” I think this will be the case with most users as well. For those of you already using the “new” Facebook, what do you think of it?