When Facebook moved away from their original interface (back when it was “The Facebook”) people weren’t too happy. Since then it’s gotten a few tweaks here and there, and they’ve added features and of course applications, but the look has generally stayed the same. Facebook is now ready to introduce another big change to the interface and we’re expecting some people to put up a fight! In general people don’t seem to adapt well to change, even if it’s for the better.

Below you’ll find a screenshot of the original Facebook just to bring back old memories:

original facebook.png

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And of course most of you know what the current Facebook looks like, so here’s what the new Facebook will look like:

new facebook profile.png

One of the first things we noticed is that there will be a lot less on the page to view. They’ve made use of tabs up at the top to switch between things like Info, Photos, and Boxes. There’s also a menu bar up at the top where you’ll find a link to your Friends and a drop-down menu with the applications you currently have. All of these extra clicks to various pages should put a few more bucks in Facebook’s bank with an increase in pageviews, that’s for sure.

The official Facebook Blog has more information on some of the changes, like:

  • Simplified top menu
  • Tabbed profiles
  • “The new wall”
  • The Publisher Box (for adding photos, notes, videos, application content, updating status, etc.)
  • New Application Interactions

The Facebook crew says you can try out the new site simply by visiting http://www.new.facebook.com, except doing this did not give me the new interface. For Ryan it worked, but for me it didn’t. If by visiting the “New” site, you see the same ole’ interface, just keep checking back.

While it might take some adjusting, it will be nice to have cleaner pages with less information to look at. Once they added applications, things started to get way too cluttered on some people’s profiles.

For now users can either use the new (if it’s available to them) or go back to the old, but in the coming weeks everybody will be forced to use the updated interface. Tell us what you think of it…

Thanks for the tip Natmaster!