Apple fan or not, if you haven’t visited “The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs,” go take a look around, it’ll be worth it. The blog has become quite popular over the last several months, and even the real Steve Jobs has admitted to reading the blog. It’s funny, and entertaining, and one of my favorite posts came from the day the iPhone launched. It was titled “29 June 2007: The day the world changed.” I’d say his older material is better than some of the recent stuff, but it’s all still good.

People have been wondering for a while now who this “Fake Steve” is and many have been going to the extremes to try and figure it out. Apple 2.0 recently posted (as have others) that all evidence is pointing to a man named Andy Ihnatko who writes tech reviews for the Chicago Sun Times and also does back-page humor for MacWorld. After checking out two of Ihnatko’s blogs (here and here), you can’t help but notice the similarities in the writing style.

Now, when I said people were going to extremes to find out who the author is, I meant it. posted about how one site put their detective hat on to solve the mystery:

Iphone haikuIf you checked out Fake Steve Jobs’s site yesterday, you might have seen a short post about a marginally funny iPhone Haiku site. I’ve still got the post in my Google Reader, as you can see in the pic. Seems harmless, right?

That’s what FSJ thought. But apparently, the link was sent to him by the guys at Sitening (who also created the Haiku site as a lark), and the link he was sent was a specially created link, made up just for FSJ by the Sitening guys. See where this is going? When he clicked the link, they tracked his IP, and here it is: That IP traces back to a Verizon service, which the Sitening guys say is in Boston, MA.

Considering Ihnatko lives in the Boston area, I think the hunt for Fake Steve is just about over. Unfortunately, part of the appeal for me was that no one knew who this guy was.

Anyways, check out Fake Steve if you haven’t.