fake steve jos blog.pngRemember Fake Steve Jobs? He’s got a blog, it’s a parody, and acts as Steve Jobs. We have mentioned him a few times already because some of the content he writes is just hilarious. Last year about this time was when everybody was trying to figure out who he was. At one point people were thinking it was a man named Andy Ihnatko from the Chicago Sun Times, but as it turned out, it was a man named Dan Lyons from Forbes magazine. Once the true identity of the Fake Steve Jobs was discovered, Lyons’ blog became even more popular, and he also got a book deal out of it. Everybody has enjoyed the humor, and the Fake Steve has probably enjoyed writing it, but he has decided to retire the blog.

What’s interesting is that he decided to retire the blog right before the launch of the iPhone 3G. Launch day along could have given him all kinds of writing material, along with all of the new Apps. ValleyWag speculates that Day Lyons is retiring the blog because of Steve Jobs’ health. They say, “Lyons concluded that posing as a guy recovering from cancer just couldn’t be humorous for much longer.” Now we knew that Steve Jobs had been diagnosed with cancer back in 2004, but according to Jobs in a speech he made at Stanford back in 2005, “it turned out to be a very rare form of pancreatic cancer that is curable with surgery. I had the surgery and I’m fine now.”

We hadn’t heard anything recently about Jobs’ cancer returning, other than people speculating about his thin appearance at WWDC back in June. Whether he’s receiving treatment again or not, and that’s the reason Lyons is retiring the blog, we’re not sure. What we do know is that the days of the Fake Steve are over and Lyons is planning on starting and authoring a blog under his own name in the future. I don’t know if anything he writes under his own name can be as entertaining as what we wrote as the Fake Steve Jobs, but it could be interesting.