We wrote about Farecast back in August. They offer a service that helps you find the lowest price for many airlines flying from several US airports. Using algorithms, they’re able to make predictions based upon patterns. From these patterns, they are then able to suggest that you either wait to purchase your tickets because the price could potentially drop, or buy now because the price is great and could potentially go up.

Some of their biggest limitations are that they only cover select US cities, and not all airlines. Despite their limitations, they have plenty going for them.  Most recently is their Fare Guard price guarantee that has moved out of beta. Summed up, Fare Guard will guarantee your price within seven days of the prediction. During those seven days, you can book your flight.  If your airfare was higher than the guarded price that you started with, you’ll be able to receive a redemption. This Fare Guard is only offered when they predict that your airfare will either stay the same or drop. 

Typically, this service is $9.95, however for a limited time they are offering it for $3.00.  If you’d like more details on this service, visit their blog! I’m impressed that they would offer such a price guarantee, and this tells me that they’re pretty confident with the service that they currently offer. With airfare constantly jumping around in prices, this may not be a bad investment to make the next time you fly, assuming they cover your airport.