windows 3.11.jpgI’m sure for most of you Windows 3.11 has been out of your life for quite some time, but just because the operating system was retired from the retail market years ago doesn’t mean it wasn’t still available. In fact OEM’s are still able to license Windows 3.11 in the embedded channel, but come November 1st, 2008 that will no longer be an option.

Amidst the disbelief Ars Technica is pondering whether they should start a petition to save the irreplaceable operating system:

I’m not sure I want to believe this. How can Microsoft possibly discontinue an old operating system that has been around for so long and is so well trusted? Maybe I’ll start a petition to save it! I don’t want to move to something more bloated and resource-hungry if I can stay with good old Windows for Workgroups 3.11. Why fix what isn’t broken? I don’t like the new, the old works just fine!

One of these days Microsoft will learn that we don’t want new operating systems, but until then we’ll have to continue our grieving as one operating system after another finds their way into their final resting spots. You can, however, always view this gallery of Windows 3.11 screenshots. It’s not the same as having the actual operating system right in front of you, but it will give you the warm fuzzy feeling in your heart. Pull your Windows 3.11 floppy disks close to you, and we’ll get through this together.