xbox ps3 wii stats Have you been wondering how the consoles have been stacking up against each other lately? Don’t worry, you stataholics will be getting your fix in this article. Below you’ll find the top selling hardware/consoles, and then also the top 10 games for the month of February 2008.

So how did the hardware fare against each other? It looks like the PS3 has outsold the Xbox 360 for the second month in a row. You also have to take into consideration that there is an Xbox 360 shortage going on until the Spring. I recently went around looking for a store that had them in stock, and was surprised to see that they were actually hard to find. That could be why the Xbox came up 25,000 units short of the PS3, or people might just be more willing to purchase the PS3 since Blu-ray has won the HD format war.

  1. Nintendo DS: 587,600 units
  2. Nintendo Wii: 432,000 units
  3. Playstation 2: 351,800 units
  4. Playstation 3: 280,800 units
  5. Xbox 360: 254,600 units
  6. Playstation Portable: 243,100 units

And as for the games Guitar Hero, Call of Duty 4, and Devil May Cry sucked up over half of the top ten spots:

  1. [Xbox 360] Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – 296,200 units
  2. [Xbox 360] Devil May Cry 4 – 295,200 units
  3. [Wii] Wii Play with Remote – 289,700 units
  4. [PS3] Devil May Cry 4 – 233,500 units
  5. [Wii] Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock – 222,900 units
  6. [Wii] Mario and Sonic: Olympic Games – 205,600 units
  7. [Xbox 360] Lost Odyssey – 203,600 units
  8. [Xbox 360] Turok – 197,700 units
  9. [PS2] Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock – 183,800 units
  10. [Xbox 360] Rock Band – 161,800 units

[via Gametap]