Fedora 7
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Fedora 7 is another Linux distribution which is managed by the Red Hat team. Unlike Red Hat, Fedora doesn’t cost a dime to use, and is really making some nice strides in the graphics area. As you can see in the images above they are now going to a "flying high" theme, and it is among the best that I have seen for Linux.

So what is there to be thankful for in this release? Everything that we expected, plus some:

  • A Live CD! Previously Fedora never had a Live CD (which most Linux distributions already do), and I think that was something holding them back from being more successful. In my opinion not having a Live CD is like trying to sell a car without letting the customers take it for a test drive. Sure some people would still jump in, but people like to know what they are getting into first.
  • Overall, Fedora 7 is now available in three wonderful flavors (thanks to Revisor):
  • GNOME and KDE desktop environment based bootable Live images that can be installed to a hard disk. These spins are meant for desktop users who prefer a single disk installation and for sharing Fedora with friends, family, and event attendees.
  • A regular image for desktops, workstations, and server users. This spin provides a good upgrade path and similar environment for users of previous releases of Fedora.
  • A set of DVD images that includes all software available in the Fedora repository. This spin is intended for distribution to users who do not have broadband Internet access and prefer to have software available on disc.
  • Fast user switching: You don’t have to close programs in order to switch between users.
  • Enhanced wireless networking: The NetworkManager presents a graphical interface that allows user to quickly switch between wireless and wired networks for increased mobility. A video of the NetworkManager can be seen here.
  • and much more…
  • Just recently I started to warm up to Ubuntu after being a huge OpenSUSE fan, and while Fedora does look awfully appetizing I think I’ll be sticking with Ubuntu 7.04 for the time being. If you haven’t been content with your current Linux distribution I do recommend that you give it a shot, because when I used Fedora in the past it was really great. I just like the Ubuntu community because they are always there to answer your questions.

    Source: Fedora 7 Homepage [via Download Squad]

    Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip!