fedora kde 4

Fedora 9 is stepping forward with their first Beta, and it looks like it has quite a few quality enhancements that both GNOME and KDE users alike will appreciate. Being a KDE fan myself I’m extremely happy to see that the Fedora team has taken the time to integrate the new KDE 4.0 into the operating system. And it apparently works so well that they decided to make 4.0 the default for anyone using the KDE desktop. I could be wrong, but I believe Fedora is the first to make KDE 4.0 the default for that type of desktop.

There has been a lot of work going on that will make this an incredible release, and you’ll even see the improvements during the installation. Now you’ll be able to resize ext2, ext3, and NTFS partitions during the installation process making it easier to install Fedora on a drive that isn’t empty.

That’s not all you’ll find in Fedora 9 either. Here are some of the other features you’ll find in Fedora 9 Beta:

  • GNOME 2.22
    • Helpful world time clock
    • Better file system performance
    • Security improvements
    • Power management at the login screen
    • The ability to dynamically configure displays
    • Better Bluetooth integration
    • Improved podcast support
    • And many other enhancements
  • KDE 4.0.2, which includes a brand new desktop and panel with many new concepts:
    • Integrated desktop search
    • Brand new visual style called Oxygen
    • New multimedia API called Phonon
    • New hardware integration framework called Solid
  • Firefox 3 Beta 5
    • Native look and feel
    • Desktop integration
    • The new Places that replaces bookmarks
    • Reworked address bar
  • NetworkManager Improvements
    • Ad-hoc support, so that you can easily form a network with any near-by wireless devices
    • Support for mobile broadband cards (GSM/CDMA) through PPP
    • System-wide network configuration through NetworkManager with PolicyKit
  • Support for creating and installing to encrypted filesystems

My download of Fedora 9 Beta is still in the process of finishing, but for those of you who decide to give it a whirl post your thoughts in the comments below.

Fedora 9 Beta Homepage