Fedora Core 6

From the makers of the ever-popular Red Hat Linux comes the new (free) release of Fedora Core 6! It has all kinds of amazing goodies packed with it but here are my favorites:

One thing that they also mention is that it comes with the latest releases of the most popular software. They specifically mention Firefox but I’ll give you a heads up that this version of Fedora was finalized before Firefox 2 was released, so you’ll have to download it separately if you actually want the latest Firefox.

They also say that there are “extensive performance improvements” which is good to hear. A few months back when I tried Fedora it seemed so sluggish that it actually made Windows feel like a Ferrari. Okay, maybe not that bad but it was pretty slow.

The popularity of the Fedora download must have been a little unexpected because their official homepage is replaced with a low-bandwidth version. You can, however, visit the Fedora Wiki for more information regarding this release and OSDir.com has a great screenshot gallery posted.

I am currently in the process of downloading this from one of their several mirrors that are available. Unfortunately it is 5 ISO images that you have to download to burn onto CD’s…too bad there isn’t just one DVD ISO. I’ll probably end up installing Fedora in a virtual machine before I put it on a partition just so I don’t waste the 5 CD’s and find out that I don’t like it.