If you’ve said you wanted to give back and help those in need but you’ve never actually done anything about it, here’s your chance.  A site called “Free Rice” has turned helping the hungry into a “game” that tests your vocabulary.  When you go to the site, a word will be displayed and you’ll be give four different choices of what the word means.  For each word you get right, they’ll donate 10 grains of rice to a hungry person through an international aid agency. Nice, huh?

Aside from Free Rice’s goal of helping to end world hunger by providing free rice to those in need, they also have a goal of helping people learn new vocabulary. They’ve got a database filled with thousands of different words that vary in difficulty. Once you start, it will determine a “starting” level based upon how you answered and whether you got it right or not.  Should you get a word wrong, it will drop your level down to something easier. If you get three words right in a row though, you’ll go to a harder level. They say that their system helps to keep you at the “outer fringe of your vocabulary, where learning can take place.”

free rice

You’ll notice at the bottom of the site that they display three different sponsors at a time.  These are all of the different companies that are supporting the program and paying for the rice. The rice is then distributed by the United Nations World Food Program which words to end hunger around the globe. It’s definitely a great project, and a great way to get people involved.

Let me warn you before you start that some of the words are pretty difficult! Any guesses (without going to a dictionary) at what Calumny means? Does it mean verge, tattletale, fit of frustration, or slander? This is the word I just got stuck on, but as of now I’ve donated 60 grains of rice.

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Source: Thanks for the tip rogoisu! [via Digg]