I have always been a big fan of using the FeedBurner Headline Animator as a signature in your emails, forum posts, and just about anywhere else that you’re trying to attract new readers. A post that I did several months ago regarding email signatures mentioned the Headline Animator and its usefulness, and then about a month ago someone created a Greasemonkey script to allow HTML signatures to be inserted into emails created in Gmail.

I’m sure you’ve seen the Headline Animator before, but you may not have realized exactly what it was. It’s just an animated GIF image that FeedBurner creates to shuffle through the recent posts on your site, and it can be created by going to your FeedBurner management page and selecting the “Publicize” tab. From there you’ll be able to choose a premade theme or you can create your own background like we did:

CyberNet Signature

Recently, however, FeedBurner added a feature that I think is really awesome! They now keep track of how many people actually view the Headline Animator so that you can get a sense of whether people are seeing the image. Now on the sidebar for your feed you should see an option for “Headline Animator”:

Headline Animator

Clicking on that item will reveal some stats that might surprise you! I didn’t realize how many people had seen my signature in that last 30 or so days, but it looks like the CyberNet forum is what’s causing people to view the signature:

Headline Animator

Heck, there have been more than 1,500+ views for the Headline Animator in email clients which I found to be really impressive (since services like Gmail do not display images contained in an email without the user authorizing it). So if you’re looking for another way to promote your site, you should get involved in some forums and make sure to include a Headline Animator in your signature!