PayPerPost There are all kinds of big announcements today as far as statistics services go! First off, Ashley wrote about a deal the other day between Performancing and PayPerPost that involved the acquisition of Performancing’s Metrics package (statistics tracking) by PayPerPost. We had used Performancing’s statistics service at one point but it seemed like there was too much downtime in their graphs to get an accurate representation of your traffic. In one hour we would have received a few hundred visitors, but in the next hour it would say that we had no visitors. Google Analytics seems to do that sometimes as well, but they often clear themselves up after 12-hours or so.

Setting aside our experience with the service does still leave us with an interesting topic. Both Performancing and PayPerPost announced today that they were not going to go through with the acquisition. Actually, it is kinda funny because both companies kinda made it sound like it was their own decision…just like a high-school breakup between a boyfriend and a girlfriend:

PayPerPost’s response:

After much discussion and heartache we have decided to walk away from the Performancing deal. We listened to our Posties and other Metrics users, dug into the Metrics platform and regretfully found that it wasn’t what we were looking for right now.

Performancing’s response:

After much discussion, we’ve decided that the deal proposed by PayPerPost just isn’t right for us or our community.

So is this good or bad? I actually think it is good because Performancing is going to give their Metrics package over to the community and make it Open Source. By doing that I think there are a lot of features that people will be able to add to it so that it is even better, and it will probably become something that individual site owners could host on their own servers as a personal means to keeping track of stats.

In the mean time PayPerPost says that they are off to find another analytics solution. Now that Performancing Metrics will be getting closing up shop, they are recommending that users switch to the just released Feedburner Statistics. For being free I think that these stats are really great and it looks as though they update them every 30 minutes to an hour (I’m estimating, but that seems about right). Just like in the feeds though, you can see a small amount of your most recent hits telling you where a visitor is from, what article they are viewing, and what site they came from. After the first 30 minutes these are the different stats from our site:

Dashboard  Visitors  Pages  Incoming  Outgoing  Configuration

Once you enable the stat tracking service on Feedburner it will immediately start to monitor for traffic if you have the FeedFlare or Feedburner Advertisements installed on your site, otherwise they will provide the necessary script you need to add for the statistics tracking to begin. They have made it so simple and offer such a great service (at no cost) that I think this is sure to be a hit. Nice job Feedburner! I have no doubt that you will begin gathering the Performancing Metrics users that are looking for an easy-to-use statistics package that is more geared towards blogs.