NetNewsWire FeedDemon

NewsGator has made a HUGE unexpected step today by releasing their RSS news readers for free. That includes NetNewsWire (Mac), FeedDemon (Windows), and NewsGator Go (Blackberry, Java Mobile, and Windows Mobile). That’s right, they are all FREE now.

What’s even better is that all of these clients synchronize with NewGator’s online service, which can be used to read news anywhere you have access to the Internet. Some time ago NewsGator also created an iPhone-based mobile reader for optimized reading on the smaller screen, and that can be accessed from

That’s not all either. They are also releasing new versions of all their RSS products! Here are some of the new features from NetNewsWire and FeedDemon:

  • NetNewsWire 3.1 – New user interface, performance improvements, archive items (a.k.a. save them to your hard dive), and more.
  • FeedDemon 2.6 – Includes a panic button for clearing out some older unread items, some user interface enhancements, performance improvements, inline searching, attention reporting, and more.

We have been using FeedDemon for quite awhile (we’re actually paid customers), and it is by far the best feed reader for Windows. It can handle hundreds of feeds without stuttering, and the fact that it’s now free makes it irresistible! It’s time to go get NetNewsWire (Mac), FeedDemon (Windows), or NewsGator Go (Blackberry, Java Mobile, and Windows Mobile).

Thanks for the tip Radu!