FeedRinse, which launched last March is a great filtering service for your RSS feeds. The purpose of FeedRinse is to hide items that match key words or authors that you don’t want to see. You get total control over your feeds, and can easily filter articles and content that wouldn’t really interest you. It’s one way to prevent information overload which isn’t too hard to do with RSS. When FeedRinse first started, they did offer a free option, but you were charged if you wanted a premium account. As of November, it’s a completely free service.

I hadn’t heard of it before until a tip from one of our readers, and after looking into it, I thought it was worth sharing.  If you subscribe to a lot of feeds, it’s hard to keep up. There are always articles in my feeds that don’t interest me that I always end up deleting. This service would do the deleting for you automatically when you enter key word filters such as authors, or a specific topic.

After signing up for an account, you can set conditions for your RSS subscriptions. For example, if you’re not interested in Opera and you’d never read any article pertaining to it, you could add Opera as a filter so that you’ll receive everything except any item containing the word Opera. With their entirely free service, you’re allowed an unlimited number of feeds, 500 filters, and 5 channels.  There’s also keyword filtering, tag filtering, and author filtering among other things.  The complete list of features is here.

Here’s how it works, and set-up is pretty simple: Using a bookmarklet, your feeds are added with one click.  Next you’d set up your filters, and then export your “Rinsed” feeds. From there, you can always change and tweak your options so that you get all of the articles that you’re interested in, and all of the uninteresting ones are filtered and deleted before you even see them.

Again, this is a free service! If you’re not interested in a topic that comes across your feed reader, it’s easy! You won’t even have to think about it. Think of FeedRinse as spam protection for your RSS feed!

Thanks for the tip:Radu