file dropper

Digg users were all over a new file sharing site that seemingly popped up overnight called File Dropper. It’s a completely free service that will let you upload as many files as you would like, and they can total up to 5GB each.

The whole point of the service is to make the process drop-dead simple, and they really do just that. You can’t create an account, remove files that you upload, or anything like that. There are no privacy options, encrypted URL’s, and for some odd reason no progress bar for your upload. So if you’re uploading a 5GB file you’ll have no idea how long it will be until it’s actually done.

One of the things that I do like is that you can upload a file from your computer or just provide a link to the file elsewhere on the Internet. After the upload process has completed you’ll be given a link to share with anyone that you want.

As of right now it looks like the service is completely ad-free, but it’s unlikely that it will stay that way. There’s next to no way that they could afford to foot the bandwidth bill every month without some kind of revenue coming in… just as we’ve seen with DivShare.

And if you go looking around the site you’ll see no mention of limitations, which means your files may stay online forever or they could be deleted tomorrow. I don’t think I’ll really be using the service, but I might if I have an unusually large file to share.

File Dropper Homepage