DivShare I actually can’t believe this but file sharing just got a lot better. The new website that I found (thanks to Gizmodo) is called DivShare and it allows you to upload your files without limitations and without registration. There are already several sites that do something similar, like FileHo, so why is DivShare special?

  • Upload unlimited files
  • Serve unlimited downloads
  • Files stay online forever
  • No pop-up ads or spam
  • Incredibly fast, reliable servers
  • Add a link and logo to your download page
  • Easy image galleries and thumbnails
  • Nearly every file extension supported

I typically like registering at the file sharing sites because they keep track of the files that I upload. The user control panel is the best that I have seen with any file sharing service and having the ability to create photo galleries is awesome. Not only that but they let you co-brand the download page which means people will know that the file is related to your website.

In order to demonstrate the co-branded download page I tried to upload the Firefox image from yesterday…but like the other photo services it still had a problem. It sounded perfect because there was no photo size limit and they do not scale down the images, but after a few minutes I just got a blank white screen. I could have tried it in another browser (I was using Firefox), but I decided to make a portable version of the latest Firefox 3 nightly (currently pre-Alpha 2) which might give you something to tinker around with in addition to seeing what the download page looks like.

The download link will also show you the number of downloads, download size, and the date the file was uploaded. I don’t think it can get much more perfect than this?