FilesTube Search Just last week we introduced you to BeeMP3, a search engine for music, and then a few weeks before that we showed you a RapidShare search engine. Now wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to combine the features of both sites into one convenient search engine?

As it turns out there is such a site, and it’s called FilesTube. It scours the Internet looking for all different types of files, and even includes downloads from,,,, and The site is definitely not limited to results from those sites alone though, and performing a search for a file will prove that since you can always see the direct URL from which the file is hosted.

If you’re searching for music you’ll even have the luxury of using a built-in music player that lets you listen to a song before you even download it:


You can register for an account if you would like to receive a few additional features, such as download history tracking and MP3 music playlists. You’ll also be able to embed a music player with songs on your own site, but have some consideration since other websites will be the ones hosting the files.

And be sure to take advantage of the built-in filetype search filter located next to the search box. If you’re trying to find a specific type of media, such as videos or music, it will greatly help filter through your results.

FilesTube Homepage
Thanks for the tip Jason!