FileZilla is my favorite FTP client and they just released the first beta of version 3. I was looking around to see if I could find a “What’s New” list but I came up empty handed. Even when using the program it still seemed just about the same with minor changes here and there.

The one thing that was a little disappointing is that I have always setup FileZilla to store my FTP locations in an XML file so that when I need to backup the list of locations I just have to save that one file. That file doesn’t appear to be used anymore because sticking it in the installation directory does nothing and when installing FileZilla there is no longer an option to save your settings either to an XML file or to the registry.

Hopefully they at least offer an option to import your previous settings otherwise it is going to be a pain for me to upgrade. I’m sure that will also have some sort of affect on the portability of the program as well.

For the time being I’ll be sticking with FileZilla 2.2.28 which is running pretty smooth for me.