HarrypotterOne week before the very last book in the Harry Potter series is released, and it’s already made its way to the BitTorrent Network. Over at The Pirate Bay, it looks like there are two downloads, one for the first 495 pages, and the other for the remainder of the pages.

Before you rush off to go get it, you may want to know that each page is an image, and the quality isn’t great. It kinda makes me wonder why you’d want to read the book in that kind of quality, but I guess if you’re that anxious to find out what’s going to happen, you won’t mind a massive headache from squinting at your computer screen.

Files sizes aren’t too bad at 46 MB and 26 MB each, and it looks like there are a decent amount of seeders (near 300 for each file), and a decent amount of leechers already downloading the book. And if by chance you don’t want to download the book, and you just want to know what happens (but what fun is that?), there’s a major spoiler here. By clicking that link, you’ll instantly know who dies, so unless you want to know, don’t click.

Good ole’ BitTorrent…

Source: TorrentFreak