Final Opera 9 Due On Tuesday

OperaWatch is reporting that the final version of Opera 9 is expected on June 20. Opera has a special event in Seattle, Washington then and there is supposed to be a new product released.

It isn’t confirmed that the product to be released is Opera 9 but many people are starting to think that it will be. I have been following the release of the “weekly” builds (there are normally a few releases each week) and they have definitely received a lot of improvements and bug fixes. Is it really ready for prime time though?

There are still a number of bugs that need to be addressed from reading some of the forums but the weekly builds have been stable for me. The widgets will need to be tweaked a little but a Tuesday release of the final version is definitely possible.

Well, we know to expect something big on Tuesday so I guess we are going to have to wait until we hear an official announcement.

News Source: OperaWatch