The day is actually approaching. I wasn’t sure we’d ever actually see the day, but on May 20th you can pre-order an Optimus Maximus keyboard. Keep in mind, it isn’t cheap. In fact, the keyboard costs more than most of you probably paid for your entire computer – $1,536.

Despite the price, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if the 400 keyboards that will be available in December are sold-out quickly.  It’s been hyped, and re-hyped for what seems like forever now. So, if you’re really wanting to shell out the $1500 for the keyboard, be prepared on May 20th at 7:00 am Eastern time with credit card in hand to purchase your pre-order.

Here’s a quick re-cap on what you need to know about the Optimus Maximus (in case you’ve been hibernating over the last year and haven’t heard a thing about it):

  • 114 OLED keys (each key has a display)
  • Each display is 32×32 pixels (full color)
  • Replacement keys can be purchased for $10

Is there anybody out there with plans to make this big purchase?